Laser Cutting Textiles

Laser cut dress girlAre lasers sexy? Watch the latest trends coming from the runways and you will see many fashion elements are cut with lasers. Recently exists a growing demand for laser cutting textiles by top designers. Our customers come from many different industries with many different applications. Please read further for the benefits of using lasers.


Size of Cuts

Laser Cut VinylLaser Cutting Shapes can cut 51" wide and endless lengths limited only by the length of your roll of fabric. We can also cut / etch large rawhide skins right on our laser bed.


Overcoming Common Challenges

Laser Cut DressLasers are able to cut the most detailed patterns you can imagine. You can send us any vector file, or we can develop one for you from a drawing. We will help you with your layout to get the most from expensive textiles. Cutting precisely with scissors or blades can be very challenging. With laser cutting you can have repeatable clean cuts with a unmatched precision.



Laser Cut VelcroIf you work with textiles, you know how difficult it is to achieve consistent results when cutting certain materials with conventional methods. It's almost impossible to cut the same shape every time.


Our Projects

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Textiles: laser cut edges

cashmere after laser cutting Polyester After Laser Cutting Wool & Cotton After Laser Cutting


Rayon After Laser Cutting Silk After Laser Cutting Wool After Laser Cutting


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