About Us

Laser Cut Fabric is a part of Laser Cutting Shapes and provides laser cutting services for textile and industrial fabrics.

LOCATION: We are located in Columbus Ohio and we service clients across the United States and Canada.

INDUSTRIES: Company has substantial experience servicing various industries including automotive, medical devices, furniture, fashion, and others.

MATERIALS: Various woven and non-woven fabrics, organic such as silk, wool, cotton, leather etc, and artificial such as polyesther, nylons, acrylics, neoprene, rubber, vinyl leather etc.

PROJECTS SIZES: There are no small or big projects that we will refuse.

QUALITY: We run the best laser cutting systems in this industry providing a high level of intricacy, repeatability and quality.

LEAD TIMES: In general our lead times for the average project is 5-10 days. In some cases we have done urgent projects within a day.