In 99.99% cases we laser cut one layer at the time. It is much easier to manage fabric on a laser cutting table and it is easier to control laser for  clean cutting. Also, in many cases some fabrics will fuse to each other,  due to the hot laser cutting that will melt and fuse fibers together.


Laser cut fabric

Laser cutting systems we use can accept up to 60″ wide rolls. We can cut up to 51″ wide patterns on a 60″ wide roll, leaving 4.5″ border on each side. Any fabric that is less than 51″ wide we can cut from edge to edge.

Laser cut lace

The size of the laser cut details depends on how solid is the fabric and how tight is the thread. In general if the details of the intricate cut are less than 0.100″, then you should be expecting that fabric may start to break in thin areas.
Laser Cut Art Basel

Laser cut fabric panels for the Art Basel Miami Show

We can cut 51″ wide patterns on 60″ wide rolls in one direction. Another direction is unlimited. It is limited just by the length of the provided rolls of textile. On the image you see long panels of fabric that were laser cut and then connected to build an exhibition tent for Art Basel in Miami. Each panel was around 30 yards long.
Laser cut material

Laser cut material

We do not provide fabric. Selection of the textiles is done by customer.
Clean laser cut

Clean laser cut

This is the question that often rises for medical applications. We have very clean production area for laser cutting textiles. Technically it’s not considered a Clean Room, but the laser cutting and packing area is suitable for cutting fabric for clean applications with further sterilization.
Laser Cut VelcroCost of files set up – $75/Hr. Very often – 1 Hr is enough time to prepare the files for cutting. Cost of laser cutting textiles- $120/Hr Minimum charges – $75 + $120 = $195 + shipping cost. This is a common charge for small runs and trials. The yield is less than in production, but gives an opportunity to conduct short trials. We can cut large quantities and have number of companies that run their projects with us for years.
Fraying fabric

Fraying fabric

Laser cutting prevents fraying

Laser cutting is very beneficial to prevent fraying.

Laser cutting is a natural process to prevent fraying after cutting. High temperature of the laser beam melts the fiber and coagulates the edge of the laser cut textile.   Please note that cotton does not melt. In case of cotton the cut is great, but eventually the random fraying may occur. Fabrics like silk, polyester, acrylics, etc. have a great response to the laser cutting process and have a wonderful clean unfrayed edge.