Fashion industry is very active in using new technologies and new materials. Laser cutting textiles became very common among designers. Famous designers and students  have tried laser cutting for various applications and styles.  Laser cutting fabric and other textiles, in most cases, is very beneficial. Read more: Why Lasers explains the benefits.

Laser cutting fabric and other textiles  in most cases is very beneficial.

Laser cutting for fashion designers

We were lucky to laser cut for such designers as Vera Wang, Zac Posen, Marchesa, Michael Angel, Cynthia Rowley and more. Usually lasers attract designers to be able to cut absolutely incredibly complicated internal shapes. Another benefit that lasers provide 100% repeatability when cut small or large production.

Cauterised edges - No fraying

Laser cutting is a hot process. Laser beam is passing through the optics and develops temperatures that vaporize fabric. Essentially laser beam, while cutting, is melting fabric and then the melt becomes a crust. Crust on the edge of fabric sticks fibers together and prevents fraying. It means that you don’t have to hide the edges anymore! There are many designs based on Silk Organza, Polyester, Nylon and other “melting” fabrics that will not be fraying after the laser cutting.

Loss of material

is minimal due to the efficient layouts. Laser cut lines could be close or almost next to each other. Laser cutting fabric and other textiles is in most cases is very beneficial.


there is no competition to digital laser cutting. We can provide the most intricate laser cuts and designs you can imagine.

Laser Engraving Fabric and Textiles

Our process allows laser engraving of fabrics.  There are cases when designers want to have logos or process notes to be engraved. Laser engraving felt, neoprene, leather and velvets produces very interesting surfaces similar to embossing or branding.

Designers files for laser cutting and engraving

We accept designs in vector format for laser cutting and bitmap formats for laser engraving. Typical formats are adobe illustrator, pdf, AutoCAD files, etc. In some cases we deal with designers who don’t have files. They mail us paper cut outs that we suppose to scan and convert into the digital files. We can assist with creating digital files if this within our capabilities.

Laser cut and engraved Jewelry

As part of our services for designers we also laser cut and engrave various accessories, leather and acrylic jewelry , acrylic buttons, etc. Some designers asked us to engrave ivory accessories.

Laser cutting 100% wool, silk, leather, mohair, felt and other natural fabric

We have done it all, including “difficult” natural materials mentioned in the title. Yes, we can laser cut and engrave such material, but most likely we will try to avoid such laser cutting . Reason – mostly smell. Than thicker such material than more difficult to laser cut it, the smell of burnt hair during production is becoming unbearable. It takes long time to air out such laser cut parts before the smell will be gone. Contrary, when we laser cut thin felt runners or pillow cases the smell was gone in a day or two.