Laser cutting for Interior Design

Designers and architect firms are using wide range of fabrics for interior design, wallcovering, soundproofing, dividing spaces, and simply for bringing more artistic look to spaces. Laser Cut Fabric is providing laser cutting services for applications where the laser cut panels are required.

Interior - What could be laser cut 

Here is a short list of laser cut textile/fabric items: Acoustic Panels – Most likely it will require thick muffling materials such as felt, Floor Mats – Felt , Table Top runners – Felt and Leather, Place Mats – Felt and Leather, Wall Panels – Felt and other various textiles, Dividers – Felt, Mesh, Tyvek, etc., Wall Decoration – Felt, Tyvek, Textiles. We are pretty sure that there are more applications that require laser cutting for interior design. Needless to say that in addition to fabric/textile we laser cut and engrave other materials such as wood, MDF, plywood, acrylic.

Materials used  for interior laser cutting?

Felt: is used for a large variety of interior applications: Felt comes synthetic or wool. Felt could be 100% wool or less. Each type of felt has it’s Pro’s and Coon’s. Laser cutting felt with high content of wool will create a darker edge. Also, when wool felt is laser cut it releases unpleasant smell of burnt hair. Thicker wool felt has darker edge and unpleasant smell takes longer to air out. Contrary to this, thin wool felt has less visible dark edge, and smell disappears within a day. Synthetic felt has list of Pro’s compare to wool. It is less expensive. It is easier to laser cut synthetic felt because it does not change the edge color and does not have specific smell attributed to laser cut wool. Lately we work with suppliers that manufacture felt from recycled plastics. In addition these felts have antimicrobial quality.

Mesh: Mesh is very popular for interior dividers or drapery. In case if mesh made out of PVC we are declining laser cutting such material. Laser cutting PVC is quite harmful for humans and equipment. Otherwise, laser cutting mesh is allowing to prevent fraying, and ultimately creates a new look to traditional material.

Tyvek: Laser cutting Tyvek offers multiple opportunities to have both in one: textile and paper. It is difficult to determine is Tyvek paper or fabric? At the end laser cut Tyvek panels have a very leafy look and are very popular for floral designs.

Leather: Laser cutting leather is difficult for the same reasons as felt: Smell and color of the edges are the major concerns.

Dimensions  for interior laser cutting

Width: Our laser cutting systems allow 60″ wide rolls of fabric. Maximum cutting width is 51″.

Length: Our laser cutting equipment has working table 63″ long. This dimension allows to cut 51″ x63″ panels without reloading. In case if the longer panels are required we are able to use precise registration system and perform laser cutting endlessly. We have laser cut 30 yards long panels.

Files: Designing for laser cut interior items should consider sizes of the equipment. If designer has a very wide wall to decorate it will require to divide the width into 51″W strips. When we are working on files for very long strips we are dividing the file into 63″ or lest segments.

Laser Cut Drapery