Swim Suits

Activewear and Fashion industry are  using new technologies and new materials. Laser cutting textiles became very common among designers. Currently we applied for a patent regarding laser cutting images on fabric with a tight array of holes. Holes have to be of certain size and spacing allowing fabric to survive a laser cutting process. Laser cutting fabric and other textiles, in most cases, is very beneficial. Read more: Why Lasers explains the benefits.

Laser cutting images on bikinis is patent pending technology developed at Laser Cutting Shapes.

Laser cutting bikinis

In addition to variety of laser cut textile and fabric applications we specifically focused on laser cutting activewear and bikinis.

Why bikinis

In many cases designers of bikinis make an effort to add or deduct from bikinis and create a new look. Designers add patterns, shapes, deduct holes, add jewelry, knots, appliques, and so on. Recognizing this fact and working with several projects we extended our Epic Noir technique of laser cutting paper to the laser cutting tight arrays on textile.

What exactly we do?

Let’s say you are a designer who wants to introduce images of the Dolphin, or Whale, or Map of France, or Map of Puerto Rico, or anything to be cut out on bikini. First of all to cut such image with scissors is not practical. Even you have a perfect cut, fraying is a problem. A good solution is a laser cutting process that will cauterize the edges. Now you have a great image with cauterized edges!

Unfortunately such cut outs do not hold the shapes: the dolphins, the palm trees and everything else become just a hole with irregular shape. What we do is we are creating a matrix of holes with specific size and spacing that will form a desired shape without losing it.

Development of laser cutting bikinis and activewear

Currently we are finalizing the patent and are working on developing new images to be laser cut. We are open to offer our laser cutting services to the bikini companies.