Laser Cutting Large Tents and Objects

LaserCutFabric is able to laser cut fairly large textile panels .

Laser cutting tents, umbrellas and large curtains.

Laser cutting large curtains

Our laser cutting equipment  can laser cut 51″ wide panels. In fact this fabric cutting systems will take 60″ wide rolls. While the width of laser cutting is limited to 51″ it is endless in another direction. We have laser cut panels that are 10 yards and 20 yards and 30 yards long. Long panels are mostly requested for theaters and events that are going to be conducted in the high spaces.

Dimensions of the laser cut Large panels

Large panels are usually laser cut within 51″W to 96″ Long. In some cases longer panels are required. Such panels are used for decoration or as dividers.

Types of Laser cut Fabric for large panels

The most common fabrics for laser cut large panels are various meshes, polyester, Tyvek, Felt and more. NuFelt by Hytex is one of our favorite materials. It’s easy to laser cut. It could be used as sound proof and anti microbial surface. Lately we have done a lot of projects using NuFelt.

Development of laser cutting large panels

We feel that the most annoying limitation of laser cutting large textile panel is the size. Unfortunately we are not familiar with laser cutting systems that have a size of the football field. Sure enough that our next laser cutting system will be larger, perhaps up to 120″ wide. At the moment, in case when we are working on a large size project, we have to divide the whole design into 51″ wide strips and create laser files that will allow to assemble these 51″ wide panels into one large image.

So far we have done many projects when such approach was implemented and we had presented beautiful laser cut panels that have size measured in both directions in 30-60 yards.