Welcome to the Laser Cut Fabric blog:

Laser Cut Fabrics is one of the offspring of the Laser Cutting Shapes family that provides laser cutting services for textile and industrial fabrics. We have substantial experience servicing various industries including fashion, furniture, automotive, medical devices and many others! The possibilities when using laser cutting are endless!

We will work with many materials including various woven and non-woven fabrics, organic materials such as silk, wool, cotton, leather, etc. and artificial materials such as polyesters, nylons, acrylics, neoprene, rubber, vinyl, etc.

As part of our experience members of the Laser Cutting Shapes family have had the pleasure of working with amazing fashion designers such as Alexander McQueen, Zac Posen, Michael Angel, Marchesa and many more. We have also done projects for companies such as Victoria’s Secret, Vosges Chocolates and Bob Evans. We run the best laser cutting systems in the industry providing a high level of intricacy, repeatability and quality. We are located in Columbus, Ohio and we service clients across the United States and Canada.

The rest of the Laser Cutting Shapes family includes Papyrus Cutters which provides laser cutting services for papers and boards, Papel Couture which is their line of high-end laser cut paper wedding and event accessories and Boutique Supply which provides laser cutting services for boutique accessories and more.

Thanks for visiting our blog and be sure to come back and check out posts on our projects and inspirations. In the mean time check us out on facebook and twitter, then let us know what projects we can help you with!