The Laser Cut Fabric and Zac Posen collaboration:

If you haven’t heard of Zac Posen then you’ve been living under a rock. After his big break in 2000 this designer has been all over the fashion charts with lines hitting the runway to lines hitting the Target shelves. In 2008 Laser Cut Fabric as a part of Laser Cutting Shapes got the honor to be able to work with Zac Posen to cut pieces for his Spring/Summer collection.

There are many benefits to laser cutting that designers take advantage of, such as the unique ability to cut intricate patterns and the fact that does not have to sew the edges because the laser seals them.

Below are the three dresses that Zac Posen had laser cut with Laser Cut Fabric.

If you are a more visual person (aren’t we all) you can also watch the dresses in action during this Zac Posen Spring/Summer 2008 show video. The dresses featured at 1:05, 3:09 and 3:32