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Laser Cut Neoprene Dress for Michael Angel

One Designer we have had the pleasure of working with is Michael Angel. He is a designer that has been “garnering industry-wide attention for pioneering the use of digital prints.” [caption id="attachment_16" align="alignleft" width="200"] The dress we laser cut for Michael Angel[/caption] This is in a way very reflective of how laser cutting is entering…
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The Laser Cut Fabric and Zac Posen collaboration:

If you haven’t heard of Zac Posen then you’ve been living under a rock. After his big break in 2000 this designer has been all over the fashion charts with lines hitting the runway to lines hitting the Target shelves. In 2008 Laser Cut Fabric as a part of Laser Cutting Shapes got the honor…
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Welcome to the Laser Cut Fabric blog:

Laser Cut Fabrics is one of the offspring of the Laser Cutting Shapes family that provides laser cutting services for textile and industrial fabrics. We have substantial experience servicing various industries including fashion, furniture, automotive, medical devices and many others! The possibilities when using laser cutting are endless! We will work with many materials including…
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Laser Cut Dress for Michael Angel

We were approached by Michael Angel to laser cut neoprene for his new dress. Neoprene is usually used for applications, such as, gaskets, hoses, corrosion resistant coatings and in aquatics. So using neoprene for the dress was unusual and very exciting for us. The above image of the dress tells the story.  
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